Residency Dates
  • June 2008 – August 2008

Luther Thie is an interdisciplinary artist who seeks to spark debate by challenging viewers to assess their own biases and assumptions of appropriate uses of technology by experiencing the work’s ambiguities. Recently this work incorporates information technologies (real-time databases, biometrics, surveillance, interactive) to explore questions regarding privacy and security and how authenticity is threatened through technological mediation. His work’s diverse forms include a biometrics corporation, Acclair, that provides brain testing for security clearance and neuromarketing, and a real-time data-driven water fountain activated by highway accident information (LA Interchange). In 2006, he received the Emerging Artist juried grand prize at the ISEA 2006 ZeroOne Festival. He has an MA from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, an MFA from San Francisco State and a BFA from UCLA.