Residency Dates
  • Sep 1st 2006 to Sep 30th 2006

Maha George was born in Cairo, Egypt.  She began painting on canvas in 1990. Throughout the 1990s George conducted many experiments with a variety of materials such as pens, crayons, water colors, gouache and ink, tried surfaces like grocery bags, paper, watercolor paper, carton, and with techniques like collage, mixed media, and printing.  In recent years she has started experimenting with acrylic on canvas, and wood on fabric to produce quilt-like appearances.

Her style is at once a kind of contemporary mix of expressionism and symbolism, and an articulation of her Egyptian culture and heritage.  Currently George is working on a series of paintings on paper and canvas inspired by everyday life situations, with a strong focus on the experiences and feelings of women, particularly around the question of marriage.

George is an instructor of painting in Art Education College in Cairo.  She received a residency at the Ucross foundation-Wyoming-USA in 1998.  She has held exhibitions, among many others, in Nuremberg-Germany in 2004, in Town House gallery -Cairo in 2002, and three elsewhere in Egypt.