Residency Dates
  • Sep 1st 2006 to Sep 30th 2006

Mahmoud Khaled is a visual artist based in Alexandria, Egypt.  He received his BFA in painting in 2004 from Alexandria University. Painting is his primary medium but he also works in video, photography, text, and site specific installation.  He now uses documents as the point of departure for most of his projects.  The document, as he sees it, can be an image, a text, an event, or even a space.  Through his usage of video stills and different types of photographs, he raises questions concerning the functional dimension of the image and its capacity for autobiographical representation, or its ability to examine the often coded and powerful social structures of personal life. 

In the last two years, Khaled has presented projects and exhibitions in Egypt, Germany, Lebanon, and Switzerland.  These have included Actual Position at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo (2005), NOUBAR with the Mashrabia Gallery in Cairo (2004), “Insularitie” at the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart in Germany (2005), at the AIWA workshop in Lebanon (2005) and Actual Position-2 at Kulturzentrum NAIRS in Switzerland.  His solo shows included a 15-minute performance As If I Am In My House, at Oberwellet in Stuttgart, Germany (2006), and at the Mashrabia Gallery, in Cairo (2002).

Khaled recently finished a three-month residency in the F+F School of Art & Media Design in Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently preparing for his participation as an invited artist in the 1st Architecture, Art, and Landscape Biennial of the Canaries, scheduled for November of 2006.