Marianne Bickett earned a Master’s in Art Education from the University of Illinois in 1986 and has been a teacher for over thirty years in both public and private classrooms, including the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts and elementary through community college level teaching. She hails originally from South Dakota and is very proud of her ‘earthy roots’ and passion for the creative process in connection to the natural world. In addition to being a part-time art and literacy teacher for the Campbell Union Elementary School district, Marianne also is currently working on a memoir book she hopes to publish this year, and spends the rest of her time painting, drawing, and walking her dog. Married to Dr. Brian Belet, composer and music teacher at San Jose State University and mother to Jacques Bickett-Belet of the reggae-rock band “Aivar”, she lives a very rich and full life. She enjoys working at Montalvo very much!