Residency Dates
  • October 2006 – October 2006

Marino Baratello is a composer from Venice, Italy. Baratello has taught music composition in the Conservatories of Venice, Turino, Bari, and Potenza. Since 1998 he has served as artistic consultant for the International Festival of Venice, and is a member of the Venice Association of Music Composers. His work debuted at the Venice Biennale in 1979, and since then he has participated in shows including: the International Music Festival IX of Venice (Venice 1979); International Site of Art (Montepulciano 1985-1988); Festival Pontino (Latin 1987, ’88, ’90); Symphonic Season of the orchestra of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation of Turin (Turin 1988); Echo and Narcissus (Milan 1988); “Conversation with Maderna” (Milan 1989); New Italian Music (Rome 1989-1994); New Musical Spaces (Rome 1992, 1998); Antidogma (Turin 1990); New Consonanza (Rome (Trieste 1991, 1993); Festival sets to music of today (Gives back 1992, Rome 1998); International Festival of Venice (Venice 1997-1999); September sets to music (Parma 1999).  He has also participated in international shows including: Ferienkursen (Darmstadt 1988); Festival Bartók (Szombathely 1992); Biennial of Berlin (Berlin 1993); Ars sets to music (Brussels 1996); September sets to music to Beijing (Beijing 1999).