Residency Dates
  • Aug 1st 2004 to Aug 31st 2004

Martha Boyden held exhibitions during the 70’s and 80’s in Room Project at PS1, the Kitchen Center, and Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC. In Rome she has had one person exhibitions at the La Nuova Pesa, American Academy in Rome, and Chiostro del Bramante. She has published books of poetry and is currently working on another book, "Floating Mirror," as well as a series of two large mendala oil paintings. She has worked at the same time as a curator promoting a program of exchanges between Italian and American artists.

During her residency at the Lucas Artists Programs, Martha Boyden created a “Peace Garden” inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, Japanese Shinto shrines, and Wabi-Sabi- the art of impermanence.  Prayers of peace gathered from all faiths were drawn by volunteers on colored flags and were attached from the crown of the trees located on the top of the residency complex to cords radiating downwards and pegged to the earth.  The garden was unveiled on opening weekend.