Residency Dates
  • Aug 8th 2017 to Aug 31st 2017
  • Jun 7th 2018 to Jun 23rd 2018

Mónica de la Torre is the author of six books of poetry,
including The Happy End/All Welcome
(Ugly Duckling Presse) and Feliz año
, a volume of selected poetry translated into Spanish by Cristián
Gómez (Luces de Gálibo) forthcoming in the spring of 2017. Born and raised in
Mexico City, she writes about art and is a contributing editor to BOMB Magazine. Recent and upcoming publications include Triple Canopy, Harper’s, Poetry, The White
Review, The Animated Reader
(The New Museum), Erizo, The New Yorker,
and huun: arte / pensamiento desde México.
She teaches in the Literary Arts program at Brown University.