Residency Dates
  • June 2018 – June 2018

Indian artist Mrugen Rathod (b. Ahmedabad, 1982) graduated with an MFA
from the Baroda Art School. His site-responsive interdisciplinary practice
includes sculpture, performance and installation. His works evolve out of a
process-driven spontaneous engagement with a specific context and its
communities. Rathod is especially interested in the impacts of consumerism on the
local environment. His works have been exhibited in India, South Korea, and the
United States. In a 2013 interview with Tehezeeb Moitra, Rathod describes his
art as “going beyond the realms of environmental art, sustainable art or
site-specific art” to what he terms “mindful art.” For Rathod ‘mindful art’
encourages an audience to engage by paying “attention to the present, non-judgmentally
and non-reactively … [and] then respond[ing] appropriately.”

This Residency is sponsored
by Art Forum San Francisco, a not for profit that strives to define and promote
all art forms emerging from South Asia.