Residency Dates
  • July 2011 – September 2011

Nancy Popp is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates performances, videos, drawings, and photographs. Her past work draws upon the rich traditions of durational, corporeal performance and political intervention to explore relations between body and site, often incorporating public and architectural spaces. At Montalvo, she will focus on a series of conceptual drawings that map previous performance sites and a new performance video that explores the field of gender identity as defined by physical experiences of pleasure.

Popp has staged exhibitions at the Getty Center, Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Rowan University, and SUNY University in New York, as well as galleries in Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Belgrade, and Tijuana. With degrees from the Art Center College of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute, she teaches studio art, the history and theory of art, and yoga, and she lectures for audiences in the US and abroad.