Residency Dates
  • March 2007 – August 2007

Nick Deamer is a graphic artist and video/filmmaker. He began working in experimental video and its relation to perception and cognition while studying under Daniel Dennett, Chair of the Philosophy Dept. at Tufts University. In collaboration with Prof. Dennett Deamer produced a series of videos intended to disrupt the viewer’s concentration with various Masking techniques. Masks were used to draw the viewer’s eye away from very distinct changes in the moving image, rendering these changes unnoticeable.

Deamer has also worked with Steina and Woody Vasulka, investigating the possibilities of using sound and light to completely submerge viewer’s senses within an open space. His recent video work is composed of both well-known and not so well known optical illusions. Currently, Deamer is working on introducing more of these optical illusions into a moving format and projecting them on a large scale, while experimenting with luminance values, color relation and image order/structure in order to achieve the maximum effects of these illusions and create new samples for study.