Video Projection

Peter is Director of Software at Livid and manages all software
programming, design, and production. After years of audio manipulation,
Peter started to dive into the world of real-time video manipulation in
1999 when he designed a four screen video sampler for San Francisco’s
Recombinant Media Labs to be used in that year’s Ars Electronica
performance showcase. He has continued to create real-time interactive
software for audio and video manipulation, and has independently
produced a number of programs prior to working with Livid, including of
the first hybrid DJ/VJ software called Yowstar. He has also assisted in
a number of custom softwares, installations, and performances for a
number of artists, including Mix Master Mike, Ikue Mori, Thomas Dolby,
DJ Sasha, and Bob Ostertag. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a
degree in Applied Mathematics and has continued to apply them in code,
performance, and daily life.