Residency Dates
  • Apr 13th 2008 to Jun 30th 2008

Pinaree Sanpitak is one of Thailand’s leading contemporary practitioners as well as one of the country’s few internationally recognized woman artists. As Iola Lenzi wrote in the most recent issue of C-Arts Magazine:

“Much of Pinaree’s work, whether graphic or three dimensional, possesses a sculptural, organic, abstracted quality. In her oeuvre of the last several years, her breast images have been assimilated with vessels and stupas, both key icons of the Buddhist faith. But the intention is not so much a religious reference as an identification, elliptical at that, with the humanity at the heart of all faiths, as well an oblique look at Asian cultural renewal through the re-interpretation of indigenous emblems.”

In a recently published statement, Pinaree says that: “My art practice is an evolving self-defining and self-healing process. The most important goal is to challenge the conscious and sub-conscious of not only the viewer but also my own. It is my attempt to “reach out” to expand our perception and alter our attitudes through the senses aroused by this strong female bodily symbol: the breast, whether from a painting, a drawing, or an installation.”

Since 2000 Pinaree’s work has become more and more interactive and continues to incorporate a wide range of materials such as silk, mulberry fiber, wax, cast metal and terracotta, they cross over the gender line and attempt to explore the humor, the fragility and the vigor of the of the senses through sight, touch, sound, scent and taste.

Pinaree’s works have been included in major art exhibitions such as Glimpse into Future: Art in Southeast Asia 1997 , Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan; The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art 1999 , Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia and The 2nd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2002 , Fukuoka, Japan. She has also participated in a number of solo exhibitions at locations including: the Art Center, Chulalongkorn University; The National Gallery Bangkok; About Studio/About Café, Bangkok; and Salina Art Center, Kansas, USA. She currently lives and works in Bangkok