Residency Dates
  • February 2008 – February 2008

Distributed Memory

Indie band Califone (Joe Adamik, Jim Becker, and Tim Rutilii, with
Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty) perform the soundtrack for the premiere
of filmmaker, visual artist, and musician Brent Green’s Paulina Hollers
(work-in-progress, 15 min.). This is an animated story, written by
Green, of a grieving mother created with stop-motion rabbit bones,
hand-carved wooden angels, and a hand-drawn hell.

Tim Rutili is a singer, guitarist, and keyboardist, and frontman/lyricist for the American rock band Califone. Originally from Chicago, Rutili now lives in Los Angeles. Rutili is also known for his work with Red Red Meat, and as a soundtrack composer.