Residency Dates
  • November 2005 – January 2006

Oleg Maslov and Viktor Kuznetsov are an artist team from St Petersburg, Russia, who represent the St Petersburg style known as Neoacademism. They are professors of the New Academy of Fine Arts and members of the Pushkinskaia 10 Art Center in St Petersburg. Oleg Maslov is a graduate of Savitsky Art School; in the 1980s he worked as a member of the art group "The New Wilds" in Leningrad. Viktor Kuznetsov is a graduate of the Muchina Art School; in the 1980s worked under the pseudonym Gipper Puper as the leader of the art group "SVOI” in Leningrad.

From 1993 Oleg and Viktor have been working together. They have directed and acted in several art films, including: Tragedy (dir. Maslov & Kuznetsov, 1997); Other Problems (dir. Andrei Ventslova, 1994); Mireille (dir. by Andrei Ventslova, 1994)

Their joint exhibitions and shows include: “Neoclassicism, part I. Artistic circle of Timur Novikov” (RuArts Gallery, Moscow, 2005); “Accomplices” (First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tretiakov Art Gallery, Moscow,  2005); “Russian Neoacademism” (Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark, 2004); “Se Opp!/Watch Out!: Art from Moscow and St. Petersburg” (National Museum of Art, Norway, 2004); “Actual Art of St-Petersburg” (Forum Stadtpark Verlag, Austria, Graz, 2003); “Snowgirl: New Art from Russia” (Zacheta Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2002); “Artists of the Ideal” (Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy, 2002); “Beauty and Erotism: Sculptural Experiences” (Groningen Art Museum, the Netherlands, 2001); “Between Earth and Heaven: New Classical Movements in the Art of Today” (Modern Art Museum, Ostende, Belgium, 2001); “Russik Neoakademism” (Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark, 2000); “The Heirs of Sparta: New Russian Classicism. New Academy” (Snellman Hall, Helsinki, Finland, 2000); “Dynamical Pairs” (The 10th Anniversary Marat Gelman Gallery, Manezh Hall, Moscow; Russian Museum—Marble Palace, St. Petersburg; The Center for Contemporary Art, Niznyi Novgorod, 2000); “Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art (Szczecin, Poland; Riga, Latvia, Visby, Sweden, 1999-2000); “2nd International Month of Photography” (Manezh Hall, Moscow, 1998); “1st International Month of Photography” (Manezh Hall, Moscow, 1997); “Kabinet: Oleg and Viktor ‘s Atelier” (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1997); “Renaissance and Resistance” (Russian Museum–Marble Palace, St. Petersburg, 1994).