A new adaptation of the beloved Alice books by Lewis Carroll.


It’s time! It’s time! Don’t be late! No don’t delay! Let the White Rabbit lead the way! Through park and trail, over hill and dale, through forest and glen, among the birds and bees, the water and the trees, it’s Alice’s adventures…WITH YOU!

Adventures with Alice is a brand new adaptation of the loveable legend, that timeless tale for all ages. With wisdom in the whimsy and sense in the silly, this ridiculous romp will engage and entertain folks of all ages. 

Lewis Carroll’s classic tales leap to life as the audience follows Alice through the gardens and grounds of Montalvo Arts Center. Play croquet with the queens, drink tea with the dormouse and wander along with the White Knight. This delightfully interactive performance depicts Alice’s encounters with the curious creatures of Wonderland and Looking Glass Land. Whether you’re 6 or 60, we bet you’ve never seen an Alice quite like this!

Join Bay Area site integrated theatre company We Players for this jubilant and joyous adventure. The production is entrancing for young audience members (ages 6 & up) and enlightening for the young at heart! While laughter and silliness abound, an astute audience member may find some real wisdom in the midst of the nonsense and madness.


  • This production takes place outdoors on Montalvo’s grounds, with scenes in different locations, so wear comfortable shoes and bring layers as it gets cold in the evenings.
  • The audience will be moving along with the show, walking to each location as the story progresses, and taking the following formation: those comfortable sitting or kneeling on the ground in the front, those sitting on stools next, and those standing remain at the back. We will provide folding stools, foam kneelers, and folding camping chairs, for those who wish to use them. We can not accommodate personal folding chairs; please plan to use one of ours.
  • The production runs just over 2 hours. We recommend bringing a snack and something to drink. No children under age 6.

This production is generously sponsored by The Henry L. Hecht Family Fund.


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