Bang on a Can Presents OneBeat Marathon Live Online!

Sunday, November 15, 2020 (12pm – 4pm EST) 

This Fall marks the 10th anniversary of OneBeat, the series of revolutionary international collaborations led by our Found Sound Nation team. This is some of the most noble work we know of – using music to build bridges across geographies and nationalities and cultures, redefining and expanding our artistic family, giving deep and meaningful opportunities to musicians coming from a wide spectrum of disciplines and traditions, underlining the recognition that our communities need to be central to how we all make music together. In honor of these 10 years, we are excited to showcase some of this groundbreaking work in a 4-hour long live streaming marathon concert. Please join us!

—David Lang, co-founder and co-artistic director 

​Bang on a Can is excited to present the OneBeat Marathon Live Online on Sunday, November 15, 2020 from 12-4pm EST, curated by Found Sound Nation, its social engagement wing and co-hosted by the Montalvo Arts Center. Over four hours the OneBeat Marathon will feature live-streamed multimedia performances by musicians from 14 countries stretching over five continents to transport audiences to a paradigm-bending sonic universe.


Alexander Arkincheev, Amir ElSaffar, Peni Candra Rini, LADAMA, Kyungso Park, Samah Boulmona, Dahlak Brathwaite, Meng Xi, Jess Tsang, Amy Garapic, Jinda Kanjo, Dumama, Kechou, Dylan Greene, Shruti Bhave, Ng Chor Guan, Jay Afrisando, Daniel de Mendoza, Asantewa, Anna RG, Aurora Nealand, Mustelide, Johanna Amayo Conejo, Biodun Kuti, Mark Stewart. 

Learn more about the participating artists in the press release below.