In February 2018 RADIO Espacio Estacion, (consisting of Sebastian Bellver, Stephanie Elyse Sherman, and Agustina Woodgate), a mobile, multilingual, online radio channel broadcasting conversations about mobility and movement while on the move, joined us at the Lucas Artists Program and began work on developing a new 24-hr broadcast exploring self-driving vehicle technology and other automated mobilities while on the move. 

On November 15 and 16 they presented AUTOPILOTO, a marathon 24-hour radio transmission on all things self-driving broadcast live while on-the-move from a semi-autonomous vehicle looping the Bay Area. Transmitted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, the broadcast explored how autonomy and automatic movement are transforming Bay Area geographies, societies, and cultures, and included interviews with local drivers, designers, technologists, municipal agents, researchers, artists, scientists, mechanics and more, as well as original soundscapes and live performance. 

AUTOPILOTO was commissioned by the Lucas Artists Program at the Montalvo Arts Center, and presented as part of New Terrains: Mobility and Migration, a series of cross-disciplinary exhibitions, programs and experiences that explore how bodies move through spaces—social, political, literal, and figurative. For this broadcast, the team were joined by Tina Reden, Fabian Reichle, Sascha Krischock, Keanu Ramos and Diana Larrea as well as drivers Chris Imai, Fernando Palacios, Isaiah Plaza, Craig Warp, and Lori Wood. The broadcast was co-hosted by Trami Cron of Chopsticks Alley Art and included voices from ARUP; fka SV Inc; Nissan Research Center; SETI Institute; Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, Yu-Ai Kai Community Center, and others, as well as live performance and original sound art by artists Anna Fritz, Taylor Ho Bynum, Motoko Honda, Shane A. Myrbeck & Emily Shisko, and San Jose Jazz.

Past broadcasts have addressed such issues as water and global climate change from the deck of a boat navigating the Miami River and South Florida canals to a conversation about public space from a motor powered 10-person bicycle. With each broadcast event creates a temporary channel for dialogue, music, storytelling and sonic experiments. Transmissions interweave at least two languages, and connect local participants and communities with an ever-growing audience of 5000+ global listeners and collaborators. Learn more about’s projects in this trailer.
​ ​Read the press release for the commissioned work here and listen to the broadcast through the link below.

All photos are courtesy of photographer Diana Larrea.

Meet the Artists

Sebastian Bellver is a graphic designer whose work encompasses print, interactive media, and creative and sound projects. He works as a design lead, strategist, and creative collaborator on projects that combine art and technology, business and media, and has partnered with creative and corporate clients across the globe. Bellver regularly works on projects with artists, art + design organizations, start-ups, studios, and design departments. He is part of the, a nomadic, multilingual online radio station. He was born in Buenos Aires and currently resides in Miami, Florida. 

Stephanie Elyse Sherman is a New-Orleans born, London-based producer specializing in collaborative systems. Working across design, art, and culture, her projects take shape as organizations, stories, and strategies that transform sites and scenarios of consumption into platforms for co-production. She is a co-founder of Elsewhere—a living museum and residency set in a former thrift store, Common Field—a national network of artist organizations, and currently a co-producer at—a nomadic, multilingual online radio station. She is also a PhD Candidate in Art + Design at the University of California San Diego, where she writes about the intersection of social and speculative design. 

Agustina Woodgate’s practice investigates the ways in which the poetic-politics of infrastructure organize public and private space. In 2011 she co-founded, a nomadic, multi-lingual, online radio station, focusing on mobility, migration and transportation as its core themes. Currently she is working on large public commissions for the design of Miami-Dade county sidewalks. Woodgate graduated from Universidad Nacional de Artes, Argentina in 2004. Since then, she has exhibited internationally and has received honors and awards including a Knights Art Challenge; the Florida Prize for Contemporary Art; South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship and grants from NALAC, Art Matters and Joan Mitchell Foundation. 

Participating Guests

Trami Cron (Founder, Chopsticks Alley)
Hong Thinh Vu (Musician/Teacher)
Zelica Rodriguez-Deams (Associate Director, Somos Mayfair)
Jessica Zenk (Interim Deputy Director, San Jose Department of Transportation)
Melissa Cefkin (PhD Principal Researcher and Senior Manager User Experience, Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley)
Tracy Mcloud (Center Director, Avenidas Cubberley Community Center)
Jyllian Halliburton (Volunteer Services Manager, Avenidas Cubberley Community Center)
Lori Wood (Autocross Driver)
Steve Omohundro (AI Scientist)
Stace D. Maples (Geospatial Manager, Stanford Geospatial Center)
Alex Barth (VP Business Development, Mapbox)
Ariel Seidman (Founder, Hivemapper)
Eric Rodenbeck (Founder + Creative Director, Stamen Design)
Pablo Paredes PhD (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University)
Scott Fulton (High School All Stars Coordinator, San Jose Jazz)
Alida Bray (President, History San Jose)
Tom Wohlmut (San Jose Light Tower)
Greta M. Schultz (Senior Counsel, Tyson & Mendes)
Ryan Kawamoto (Executive Director, Yu-Ai Kai Senior Community Center)
Susan Hayase (Activist)
Robin Lasser + G Craig Hobbs (Artists)
Jaime Fearer (AICP Deputy Director, California Walks
Michelle Maranowski (Curator/Exhibit Designer, The Tech Museum San Jose)
Bryce Hille + Playboyz Inc.
Bay Area Ghosthunters
Radio AMFM
Christian Roth (Data Scientist, FKA Silicon Valley)
Bill Diamond (President, SETI)
Seth Shostak (Senior Astronomer, SETI)
Knightscope Robots
Julie Santiano (Turo car rental user)
Watkins + Peacock
Dwayne Chatman
Kevin (Tesla Sales)
All Eyes (Michael)
Robin Anad Ocubillo (Open Space & Public Life)
Jumana Nabti (Manager of Access Programs, BART Transit Planning)
Corrina Gould (Co-Founder + Lead Organizer, Indian People Organizing for Change (IPOC) + Sogorea Te’ Land Trust)
Phillip Hermans (Musician + Artist)
Adam Stocker (Research Associate, Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC))
Women’s Audio Mission
Melissa Ruhl + Megan Gee (Transportation Planner + Senior Planner, ARUP)
Shane Myrbeck + Emily Shisko (Composers)
Shahid Buttar (Director of Grassroots Advocacy, EFF)
Elia Vargas (UCSC researcher + Sound artist)
Anna Friz + Emmanuel Madan (Founders, The Joy Channel)
Isobel Marcus (VVD Windows)
Motoko Honda (Lucas Artists Residency Program Composer & Musician Fellow)

Partners and Sponsors

AUTOPILOTO was commissioned by the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center, 2018 and is presented as part of multi-partner initiative, New Terrains: Mobility and Migration, in association with the San Jose Museum of Art. AUTOPILOTO is supported, in part, by the San José Office of Cultural Affairs and the UC San Diego Design Lab.

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