Inez Storer is a storyteller. Her mixed media paintings allow viewers to enter her work as one might enter a story. Pulling from current events and her own personal history, she creates magical narratives that ultimately bend time. Her work draws from her expansive collection of treasured material for collage as she weaves fact with fiction.

A self-described “scavenger,” Storer tucks away relics and clippings that catch her attention. She is always searching for unusual images depicting subjects ranging from the familiar to the political to add to her collection of objects. Her studio is idiosyncratically organized and contains storage cabinets with many drawers: for flowers, for people, for photographs, and for handwritten correspondence. She recounts visiting the grand libraries of Europe and Russia, spending countless hours hauling books to the front desk and requesting photocopies of items that caught her attention. Collecting these clippings, relics, and objects is an important part of her process. These items inform her organizing principles and provide the creative spark for her work.

Storer’s painting Jumpstart depicts a central figure launching upward from a ladder. The ladder is both a metaphor and a device to set the stage for the story within the painting. The ladder guides the viewer’s eye through the “landscape” of the work, moving from the central figure to a secondary character, a lady wearing a sun hat, to the blue bird and then to a stamped envelope in the top left corner. As a viewer’s eye travels through the painting, time is seemingly suspended as the collaged pieces interact to create a narrative.

Inez Storer is based in Inverness, and has her studio in Point Reyes Station, California

Storytelling Collage Instructions

What’s your story?  We all have our own experiences and stories to tell.  Maybe there is a story about a fun trip or adventure you have been on!  Perhaps a special family time or an accomplishment you are proud of.  We have collected materials for you to take time and tell your own collage story!


  • Please use the materials on the table to tell your story
  • Decide what items you will be using then fold, cut, tear or hand punch paper
  • Glue your items to the paper provided
  • Please leave scraps behind for the next person
  • Bring home to continue your project or enjoy*

Once you have completed your story, we encourage you to share your collage on Instagram and use the hashtag #montalvoarts


These works will be on view inside the Cottage Gallery near Parking Lot 2. The gallery will be open Friday – Sunday from 10am – 2pm or by appointment.