At Montalvo Arts Center, we strive to continually develop a welcoming environment where all people have a sense of belonging and find enrichment through the arts. We seek to build bridges locally and globally. And we invite you to join us.

Our Mission

Enrich all people’s lives through the arts.

The Montalvo Experience reflects the intersection of three unique assets – people, place and programs – to nourish creativity, connection and sense of belonging.

  • People: We believe in the power of community. People of all kinds gather at Montalvo for many reasons. We provide places and programs that enable and support people to connect, explore, collaborate, and share creative experiences, often to surprising results.
  • Place: Our 175-acre property encompasses a historic Villa, eleven artist residences, indoor and outdoor performance and exhibition venues, lush gardens, and hiking trails that wind through redwood forests to stunning vistas. Our work, programs, and culture embrace and leverage our home, creating harmony and intimacy with the natural beauty and peacefulness that surrounds us. Montalvo is an oasis of arts and nature in the heart of bustling Silicon Valley.
  • Programs: We emphasize programs that nourish creativity, nurture a sense of belonging, and create connections among people. Our hallmark is excellence in all experiences. For professional artists, we create an unparalleled environment that supports the creation of new works. We offer inclusive experiential learning opportunities, chances to witness creativity in progress, rich dialogues that explore relevant contemporary topics, and performing and visual arts events and festivals that reflect the diversity and beauty of our multi-cultural region.

Montalvo seeks to be an organization people return to again and again to create, discover, connect, and belong.

Our Values

Staying true to what we hold dear.

Access and belonging – We value engaging a larger, more inclusive “we” that embraces our diverse identities and communities as positive and enhancing who we are, while acknowledging our shared humanity.

Diversity – We embrace all the ways in which people, art, thought, perspectives, and values differ. 

Community – We view our audiences, artists, patrons, neighbors, and collaborators as essential community stakeholders and consistently seek to expand the role of the arts as an essential community resource.

Excellence – We work to ensure that our efforts result in the highest quality experience for all participants and embrace our region’s hallmarks of innovation and creativity.

Stewardship – We are conscientious caretakers of our unique property, safeguarding and improving our gardens, grounds, and buildings in ways that also sustainably protect the earth’s environment.