Residency Dates
  • March 2023 – March 2023
  • July 2023 – July 2023

Akiko Yamashita is a Los Angeles-based, Japanese artist. She is known for immersive installations using light, projection mapping, and real-time 3D animation to transform our perception with her prism-inspired full spectrum of colors. As an artist, she visualizes “invisible existences” in nature. Her work references and is drawn from Japanese animism, where every existence has a spirit or soul.

A former dancer turned animator, Yamashita welcomes viewers to fully immerse themselves within her artworks. Hana Fubuki (2019), exhibited at ARTECHOUSE, translates viewers’ hand movements into gusts of wind that swirl colorful cherry blossom blizzards. Forest Perception (2021) surrounds viewers in a giant forest canopy and roots projected on opposing sides of the building. Eureka! (2021) lets viewers stimulate neurons with gestures. Where does water come from? (2020) illustrates the cycle of water from atomic to ocean state.

Featured as one of the new generation of makers in an Apple keynote film presented by Tim Cook, Yamashita also creates architectural public art light installations, including her interactive hallway Portal (2015) in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles, which won the A’Design Silver Award.