Residency Dates
  • Apr 18th 2011 to Jun 24th 2011
  • Jul 11th 2011 to Jul 20th 2011

Andre Woodward was born in Newport Beach, California.  He resides and works in Costa Mesa,
California. Woodward received a BA in Studio Art from UC Irvine, Irvine,
California and an MFA in Sculpture from California State University, Long

Woodward’s work has been shown in alternative and traditional sites
around California, including Southern California galleries, the Torrance Art
Museum, and the Huntington Beach Art Center. 
He has received a Hoff Foundation Grant and the 2011 Visions from the
New California award.

Woodward is interested in biodiversity  and  complexity theory,
and the unique balance they embody.  His sculptures attempt to personify
the ecological facilitation between nature, technology, and humanity, using a
mixture of manmade and natural materials.  His carefully composed objects
highlight the urban environment in relation to the natural world.