Residency Dates
  • April 2023 – April 2023

LIGHTFAST combines different layers of sound, written and spoken word and photography in a multimedia collaboration that includes sculptural installations, live musical improvisation, projections, and readings. Visual artists Christel Dillbohner and Danae Mattes generate the images by first creating installations of reflective, translucent, and opaque materials that are overlaid with projections of organic forms and photographed again. The play with scale, dimension, and distortion adds to the dream-like quality of the filmic sequences that are edited by Monica Scott, a composer and musician. Scott describes her compositional technique as sculptural. It is a collage of musical gestures and motifs, interwoven into a dense, layered texture. Sylvia Brownrigg’s short fictional pieces give us four voices reflecting on the seen and the unseen, a path in the wilderness, and the ambiguities of shadow, water, and light.