Residency Dates
  • Aug 13th 2011 to Aug 29th 2011
  • Oct 26th 2011 to Nov 2nd 2011
  • Aug 19th 2016 to Sep 7th 2016
  • Nov 22nd 2016 to Dec 4th 2016
  • Nov 2nd 2018 to Dec 3rd 2018

A native of Japan,
Honda is a pianist, composer, and sound artist. She has developed a distinctive
holistic approach to music, showing exceptional sensitivity in relating to
other art forms, technologies, and musical styles ranging from jazz to
Indonesian music to contemporary piano. After emigrating to the United
States at age 19, Honda began building her career as a classical concert
pianist, performing concertos and chamber repertoires in Europe and the U.S.
while earning her BA from Bethany College in Kansas. In 1999, she moved to Los
Angeles to complete her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts. After
graduation in 2003, Motoko started the Okiro Ensemble and Sound Escape Project,
presenting with numerous collaborating artists and presenting at major venues
such as the Ford Amphitheater, Barnsdall Gallery Theater, and REDCAT, as well
as museums, jazz clubs, festivals, and underground venues. A notable
interdisciplinary collaboration is MAMO Music and Dance Collective with choreographer/dancer Maureen Whiting, SmellLAB with
cellist/composer Theresa Wong, and M-Rare with visual artist
Carole Kim and sound designer Jesse Gilbert. Read more at motokohonda.com.