Cascade is a two-part installation where interdisciplinary artist Carole Kim transforms a dormant site of spectacle into a slower viewing context with a meditative participatory component. Two large-scale, floating drawings consisting of layers of imagery inspired by the neural reach of the spine and a network of nodal cracks in a pattern of interconnectivity. The stone steps are dusted with an ephemeral stencil of cresting waves in white powder upon which viewers are invited to build stone cairns—temporary, humble micro-monuments in homage to all those we are caring for: young, old, family, friend, and for all those providing that care. As we emerge from the years of the pandemic, Kim believes we cannot overestimate how much we need to rebuild our ability to function well internally and communally. There tends to be a false sense of chasing some notion of getting “back to normal.” Kim encourages us to pause instead of forging ahead, circle around the term “care,” and closely consider what kinds of care might be essential to rebuilding empathic connection. Kim’s hope is that this space will dovetail well with what may have attracted someone to visit the grounds at Montalvo in the first place.

This work was commissioned by Montalvo Arts Center and developed in the Lucas Artists Program.


Musicians Madalyn Merkey (electronics), Jon Raskin (saxophone + sound objects), and Eli Rosenkim (daxophone, synthesizer, sound objects) activated the installation on July 21 during the opening festival.


This installation is no longer on view.


Open Access: Cascade

Thursday, October 19, 2023 (6:30–9:30pm)

Missed the event? View excerpts of the performance here.

Lucas Artists Residency

Organized by Montalvo's Residency Program