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Free Montalvo Shuttles

  • Run approximately every 15 minutes from West Valley College (Parking Lot 1) and Montalvo Arts Center. Final shuttle of the evening departs Montalvo at 5:15pm.
  • Final shuttles depart Montalvo at 5:15pm!

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Schedule of Events

At the Lucas Artists Residency Program & Creekside Studio:

  • Meet our Artist Residency team and take a guided or self-guided architectural tour of our artist studios ( guided tours: 11:15am, 12:15pm, and 1:15pm )
  • Visit Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate 2011-13, in Studio 41 as she lays out her most recent book of poetry
  • Visit artist Pilar Agüero-Esparza, who is creating a new work for Montalvo’s summer exhibition Claiming Space: Refiguring the Body in Landscape
  • Practice hands-on weaving using a backstrap loom with artist Carolina Cuevas

In the Italianate Garden:

  • Learn about Montalvo’s gardens with a fun trivia game

On the Great Lawn:

  • Draw and paint with artist Vandana Pawar using Montalvo’s sculptures as inspiration
  • Help artist Megan Gallant create a garden community sculpture out of craft flowers
  • Have your face painted by the National Charity League
  • Come by the Camp Table for camp info, grab a hula hoop, and blow some bubbles!

On the Veranda & in the Villa:

  • Weave a “God’s Eye” with the National Charity League
  • Shop handcrafted items created by members of our Montalvo Service Group at the Sewing Boutique

At the Garden Theatre Trail Head:

  • Go on a ranger-led hike on Montalvo’s trails: ( 11:30pm, 12:30pm, and 1:30pm )

In the Oval Garden:

  • Celebrate National Poetry Month with SJSU’s College of Humanities & Art: create “Postcards from Here & Now” and become part of the San José Story Map Project

On Charmaine’s Garden Terrace:

Mosaic America (11:00am-2:15pm)

Mosaic America presents Mosaic@Montalvo, a multicultural American mosaic of cultures with performances and participatory workshops throughout the day, located on the Veranda:

Mosaic America (2:15-3:00pm)

  • Witness the culmination of Mosaic@Montalvo bringing these culturally diverse companies together in one beautiful mosaic performance (Veranda)

Gospel Performance: Huie Lovelady & Unity (3:00-5:00pm)

  • Join us in the Garden Theatre for an inspiring end to the day with a gospel choir performance!
Photo Scavenger Hunt

These photo prompts are a great way to explore the day and have fun while doing it. Be sure to tag us @montalvoarts if you’re sharing your pictures on social media, and use #MontalvoArtSplash when you post.

  • Complete the Fun 5 tasks to get a prize at ArtSplash!
  • Complete the Fun 5 AND the Bonus 5 and you’ll be entered to win a FREE family photo session at Montalvo!

To enter, follow the prompts below. When you have completed your hunt, return to the Info Table at the base of the lawn near the shuttle stop to collect your ArtSplash! prize and be entered into the drawing. For the drawing, you can also enter by sharing your photos or story in a DM to @montalvoarts on Instagram.


  • Visit the Lucas Artists Residency Program and take a photo of your favorite studio.
  • Take a picture while inside of Creando Espacio.
  • Do any art activity and take a picture of the result.
  • Find the splash of color on a wooden frame along the walking path next to the Great Lawn and take a selfie. (Hint: look up!)
  • Take a picture of any performer from the Mosaic cultural groups.


  • Visit the face painting station and get painted! Take a pic of your new look.
  • Find a Montalvo volunteer and ask to have your photo taken with them.
  • Order from a food truck or grab a cookie and take a picture of your feast. Be sure to tag them (@taqueriaangelicas@hongrykong@noxcookiebar@thewaffleroost) if you post on IG.
  • Take a picture of some chalk art. Bonus points if it’s yours!
  • Join a ranger hike (or traverse the trails on your own) and snap a photo from Lookout Point.
Garden Trivia

Explore the Italianate Garden and the adjoining Cactus Garden and you’ll discover the treasures that answer the clues to this scavenger hunt. Take a photo of your answers and post to #MontalvoArtSplash!

  • Over a beautiful garden this double row does abide
    Trees that are much taller than they are wide
  • Carved of stone and set in a special place
    The story is about Man’s “fall from grace”
  • To find the four of us, you must look low
    In ripply waters our winds do blow
  • A flock of griffins doing our job
    With weight on our backs to seat a mob

  • On a pedestal I proudly do sit
    With a hole in my center where a softball might fit
  • For more than 100 years I’ve stood at this site
    You can see inside my body and I’m fragile, but still in the fight
  • An artist put me to use
    As a place to rest, it makes sense!
    I formerly stood tall
    Outside the garden fence
  • For 40 years I grew up in a Santa Clara yard
    So moving to Montalvo was very hard
    Barrel shaped and ridged, it’s no joke
    Touch me and I’ll give you a poke
    I’m so heavy you’d think I’m made out of lard!
  • The two of us stand looking at each other across the path
    As old as the Villa…How long has it been?  You do the math.
ArtSplash! A Montalvo Open House