Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Montalvo Arts Center.

Where is Montalvo located and can I get directions?

Montalvo is located in Saratoga, California, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Directions and other information about visiting can be found here.

Who owns Montalvo?

The property is owned by Montalvo Association, a private not for profit public benefit corporation. Montalvo leases a portion of its property to Santa Clara County to operate and maintain as a public park.

Why is it sometimes called “Villa Montalvo?”

Montalvo Arts Center used to be called Villa Montalvo, but updated the name in the early 2000s in order to reflect the full range of programs that we present. Our hiking trails maintained through the County have retained the name “Villa Montalvo County Park,” and many community members still call us “Villa Montalvo,” but our organization name is Montalvo Arts Center (or shortened to simply “Montalvo”).

Learn more about Montalvo’s history here.

Is there a charge to visit?

There is no charge to visit, and parking is free. However, for certain special events, we may charge to park on site.

We do close on certain days for private or ticketed events. We will always post notices at the entrance to the property prior to any closing, and upcoming closure dates can be found on our website here.

Can anyone come to Montalvo?

Yes! We welcome every member of our community to visit and participate in our programs.

Can I reserve a picnic table?

We do not have picnic tables. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a picnic on our Great Lawn. If you have a large party and would like to reserve a space for any purpose, contact our rentals department at events@montalvoarts.org.

I would like to take photos for prom or an engagement. Do I need a permit?

Yes. Prom photos, engagement photos, or any commercial/professional photography require a permit. To make arrangements and acquire a permit, contact permits@montalvoarts.org with your requested date, time, and the location on the grounds you would like to take photographs. For more information about permits, click here.

Non-commercial photography by visitors to the grounds is welcome and encouraged. If you post your pictures on social media, be sure to tag @montalvoarts!

What kind of art do you have?

Montalvo’s outdoor park has a number of works of Art on the Grounds on view for all visitors. These works are a combination of historical and contemporary art; some are part of our permanent collection, while others are up temporarily. Our Project Space and historic Cottages occasionally offer art exhibitions that are on view during limited hours.

Click here to learn more about our arts programs and to see what is on view right now, what programs are being offered, and any upcoming events we are having.

How do I buy tickets for Montalvo?

Some events at Montalvo require a ticket. You can see our full calendar listing and purchase tickets through our website here. If you have questions about the ticketing process, email our Box Office at boxoffice@montalvoarts.org.

What happened to your outdoor Garden Theatre concerts?

Montalvo’s beautiful outdoor Lilian Fontaine Garden Theatre stage has been the setting for hundreds of memorable summer concerts over the decades, but in recent years, we have reduced the number of shows significantly—some years, we do not present any outdoor concerts on the stage at all. This is due to a number of changes in the finances of hosting concerts, from insurance to artist fees to production costs. A full season of these events in the same manner we once had is simply not financially viable for us, so we have shifted our model to focus the summer season on community events and other types of artistic experiences.

We occasionally still present events on the Garden Theatre stage, and we still offer full seasons of world-class performances in our indoor Carriage House Theatre.

Where do I park for Carriage House concerts?

Parking for Carriage House Theatre performances is on-site, and we do charge a fee to park. Parking passes can be purchased in advance when you buy your concert ticket, or at the gate when you arrive.

I would like to become a donor. How do I do that?

Click here to visit our donation page, which lists all of the benefits of being a Montalvo donor at various levels.

Can I donate furniture or other items to Montalvo?

Please contact the development department at give@montalvoarts.org to discuss any donations you would like to have Montalvo to consider.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on our trails and paths, as long as they are on leash. Please clean up after your dog (and yourself!); we do not provide doggie bags, so please bring your own.

For festivals and other ticketed events, we do not allow dogs (service animals are allowed).