A durational recorded soundscape
Commissioned by the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center


A recorded durational soundscape, designed to be heard in conjunction with a designated pathway on Montalvo’s grounds, and created in a form accessible on Montalvo’s stART here application by means of a smart phone. The soundscape may be connected to physical elements along the designated pathway in a number, form and nature to be determined in advance and subject to Montalvo’s final approval. The conceptual content of the soundscape is described by Artist as follows:

“Just like the old school mixtapes you painstakingly created for your sweetie pie, these mixtapes offer separate playlists experiences designed to speak to your heart. The collection of mixtapes reflects on the artist’s four-hour solo performance entitled Ghosting/Where Does the Blue Sky Start, which was performed throughout the Montalvo property in the 2016 Pop-up Sculpture exhibition. Each mixtape, a sonic collage of layered conversation, found, recovered and repurposed sound and music that feel like discrete soundtracks. Participants will listen as they journey through (using specially prepared maps) Montalvo’s grounds, architecture and specifically placed found objects. This work blends the arts and crafts of deep collective listening, with choral movement, breathing, meditating, humming, dancing and remembering to make room for intentional and multi-layered gathering intentionally making space for love in the ‘post -everything’ world of changes that we are entering.” —Margaret Laurena Kemp

How to Listen

You are invited to follow the order as printed and listen to each track in its entirety . You can also choose your own sonic experience, by playing the tracks in a random order and listening to all or some of the tracks as you wish.

Track List
01. Contiguous and Adjacent
02. Consonance and Dissonance
03. Every Time and Anytime
04. Everywhere and Anywhere
05. Circumstances and Degrees
06. Seeing and Feeling
07. Wearing and Being Worn
08. Management and Negotiation
09. Opacity and Transparency
10. Spectacle and Quotidian
11. Unpredictable and Predictable
12. Possibility and Sustainability